L1 Summary Notes

Attention Level I Premium Members: Your Level I Notes Are Now Available!

Hello valued Premium Members!

We’re excited to share the great news: Level I Notes for the CFA exam are now ready for you! Crafted with care, these notes are not just a study aid but a powerful tool designed to enhance your understanding of the course material and boost your exam preparation.

An Extension of Your Learning Experience

What makes these notes special? They’re based on the same visual learning principles we apply in our course videos. This means you’ll find familiar visual cues and references, making the process of linking concepts and recalling information much more efficient.

How to Best Utilize Your Level I Notes

Here’s our recommended approach for using the notes effectively:

  1. Begin with Videos and Quizzes: Start with the course videos and quizzes. They’re designed to offer a comprehensive understanding of each topic, creating a strong foundation that the notes can build upon.
  2. Turn to the Notes for Revision: The Level I Notes shine as a revision tool! Use them about a month before your exam to recap and solidify your understanding.
  3. Skim, Zoom, and Review: The notes are a condensed but comprehensive summary of your course material. Skim through to refresh your memory and zoom in on areas where you need more clarification or reinforcement.

Your Path to CFA Success

Everyone’s learning journey is unique, so feel free to use these notes in a way that works best for you. They’re not just an additional resource but a strategic tool designed to reinforce your learning.

We’re confident that with these notes, along with the other resources available to you as a premium member, you’ll approach your CFA exam feeling prepared and self-assured.

Remember, we’re cheering you on and are always here to help. Reach out if you have any questions or need further guidance.

Happy studying, and here’s to your success!