Inventory Valuation Methods

[b] inflation of inventory costs, effects on ratios

Certain portions of this video is marked as prerequisite. Please look out for the sign “PRE” which will appear at the bottom left of the video. While you won’t be directly tested on prerequisites in the exam, it’s assumed you’ve gained this knowledge or skill during your university studies. We strongly recommend reviewing the prerequisite portions as well, as the content may be essential for understanding subsequent parts of the curriculum.

Portions on cost flow methods (LIFO, FIFO, etc.) are prerequisites.

Why is the language of the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) different from the curriculum?
The LOS are protected under the CFA Institute's copyright, and we don't have permission to duplicate them verbatim. Therefore, we've rephrased the LOS and included alphabetical labels (a, b, c, …) to simplify cross-referencing with the original LOS in the curriculum when needed.

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