Investments in Private Capital: Equity and Debt

Dive into the dynamics of investing in private capital, focusing on the nuances of equity and debt. You’ll decode the strategies behind private equity investments, including leveraged buyouts and venture capital, and get a grip on private debt’s various forms, from direct lending to distressed debt.

Private Equity

Peek behind the curtain of private equity and learn how investments in private companies or those aiming to go private can be a game changer. Discover the ins and outs of leveraged buyouts, venture capital, and development capital, along with the importance of choosing the right exit strategy. From understanding the risk-reward balance, to getting the lowdown on fee structures, committed capital and profit distribution, you’re about to become a private equity guru!

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Private Debt

Navigate through the intricacies of private debt, exploring the four main methods: direct lending, mezzanine debt, venture debt, and distressed debt. Each comes with its own set of rules and risk levels. So whether it’s understanding senior and secured loans or becoming an expert in handling distressed debt, you’re about to become a pro in private debt!

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