Analysing Statements of Cash Flow

Unraveling the Cash Flow Statement for the CFA Level 1 Exam

Welcome to our entertaining and insightful guide on cash flow statements! In this overview, we’ll go through the essentials and show you how to navigate these crucial financial statements. Are you ready to become a cash flow statement whiz? Let’s get started!

PRE: Principles and Classification of Cash Flows

Embark on a thrilling adventure through cash flow statements, exploring the wonders of operating, investing, and financing cash flows. Learn the enigmatic art of non-cash transactions and how they set themselves apart from income statements.

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Methods of Presentation

Take a deep dive into the realm of cash flow statement preparation, exploring the nuances of direct and indirect methods for operating, investing, and financing activities. Learn how to transform accrual-based income statements into cash flow statements, and understand the implications for CFO calculations.

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Analysis of Cash Flow Statements

Set sail on a journey to cash flow statement analysis mastery, navigating the waters of sources and uses of cash, calculating and scrutinizing free cash flow, and delving into the depths of cash flow ratios. Command the power of common-size analysis to effortlessly compare cash flows across time and companies.

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