Fixed-Income Issuance and Trading

Fixed-Income Markets: Issuance, Trading, and Funding for the CFA Level 1 Exam

Ready to explore the ins and outs of fixed-income markets? In this article, we’ll journey through the various aspects of issuance, trading, and funding in the fixed income world. Let’s get started, future fixed-income gurus!

Fixed-Income Segments, Issuers, and Investors

Step into the vast landscape of global fixed income markets, where you’ll get a primer on the segments, issuers, and investors shaping this financial sphere. From government securities to corporate bonds and structured finance instruments, this lesson lays out the foundational knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of fixed income investments, emphasizing the diversity of instruments and market participants.

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Types of Fixed Income Indexes

Set off on a journey to explore the wide universe of fixed income indexes! Discover the breadth of fixed-income securities and their varied dimensions, from issuer type to coupon structures. Learn about broad market indexes like Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index, and narrower focus fixed income indexes that subdivide securities based on market sector, style, and other characteristics.

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Primary and Secondary Bond Markets

Feeling tied down? Let’s loosen those bonds! We’ll uncover the mysteries of primary and secondary bond markets, including how bonds are issued, traded, and priced. From public offerings to private placements, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up and let’s embark on this bond voyage together!

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