Estimation and Inference

Mastering Sampling and Estimation for CFA Level 1

Ready to conquer the world of sampling and estimation? In this article, we’ll cover the essential concepts you need to know for the CFA Level 1 exam. So, grab your statistical tools, and let’s get sampling!

Sampling and Central Limit Theorem

Discover the world of sampling methods and the central limit theorem, essential concepts for making inferences about population parameters using sample statistics. Learn about various sampling techniques and the trade-offs between probability and non-probability sampling methods.

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PRE: Point and Interval Estimates

Embark on an estimators and confidence intervals adventure! You’ll dive into the properties of estimators (Consistent, Unbiased, Efficient) and distinguish between point estimates and confidence intervals, all while sharpening your CFA exam skills.

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Resampling Methods

Dive into the fascinating realm of resampling methods with the bootstrap and jackknife techniques. These unique methods enable you to estimate the sampling distribution of a statistic, injecting a dash of excitement into your statistical journey.

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PRE: Biases in Sampling

Uncover the sneaky biases lurking in the sampling world that can disrupt a sample’s randomness. Learn how to navigate the challenges of large sample sizes, data snooping bias, sample selection bias, and time-period bias, ensuring your analysis stays on point.

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